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HolyFrey's Collectors Edition Conan Exiles Server 1 - The Exiled Lands


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HolyFrey's Collectors Edition Conan Exiles Server 1

Connection info is: game.holyfrey.no:27015 or IP: (or search for holyfrey in the server list ingame)
No Password
(This server is on the Orginal Map and have this MOD installed and they wil automaticly be installed with Steam Workshop)

Pippi - User & Server Management
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Unlock Plus
LBPR - Additional Features
Pythagoras: Expanded Building

Ancient Architect
Jungle Building Set
Northern Timber
Stacksize Plus (DLC compatible)
Building Shortcut Bar
Hosav's Custom UI Mod
Mod Control Panel

Kerozards Paragon Leveling
Glass Constructions and more...
Glass Constructions and more. down to 60
Lemurian Architect

Configurable Elevators
Unlockable Containers

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