HolyFrey are now open up public game servers for its viewers to play on for free, and time to time Holyfrey will come inn and have a look and communicate with the players and have fun.

The first Game Servers that will be open for all to play on is:

SatisFactory Viewers Server (Experimental Verison)”
Server Info: “IP: game2.holyfrey.no Port:15782
Ask on stream for Password

“Conan Exiles”
HolyFrey’s Conan Exiles Collectors Edition Server
Server Info: game2.holyfrey.no:7797
(add it in steam server page)
(no password)
(You can also searth for holyfrey on the server list and you will find the server)


To be able to log in to the game servers you most go in to HolyFrey’s Discord server or ask him on stream so you can get the password for the servers. You will also be accepted to the server.

Al people that cant behave on the server and destroy things for others will be permanent banded from the server but everyone deserve a second chances so everyone that get banned can appeal for a new chance but that most be done directly communicate with HolyFrey on PM (private message)

Holyfrey is a character in
World of Warcraft from 2005 and stil in play 🙂
(with all Collection Edition Packs)

And are a member of the guild “Mystical Odour”
on the European server “Arathor” (Retail)

World of Warcraft Classic:
European server “Mirage Raceway”
Guild “Mystical Odour”

Mystical Odour’s Website is here:

Aemote Addon:
(Realy cool for Streamer’s)

Thank’s to Codermik for helping get the old A-emote addon updated
and working in World of Warcraft Classic
You can Download it here:

Aemote for World of Warcraft Classic

Check out Holyfrey’s Live Stream from Car Tripps:
HolyFrey’s Car Tripp Live Youtube Channel

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